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Enlightening your mind about life as a First Gen. American in today’s society.

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When you hear the phrase “First Generation American” what comes to mind? My name is Oscar Villacis, a First Generation American and I want to enlighten your mind about everyday life as a first generation american in today’s society.

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Enrique Mesa, Immigration Lawyer

The son of Cuban parents who came to the United States after Fidel Castro took over their home, Mesa has worked tirelessly to work to create partnerships with state and local police departments to stamp out notions of racial profiling.

Tj Carvalho, Business Owner

TJ is a 25 year old husband and father who was born in Brazil and moved to the U.S. with his family when he was 8 through the US-Mexico border illegally. His father was picked up by ICE at the age of 10 and had to grow up with a single mother and his brother.

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